Preschool Overview

We provide a variety of experiences in literature, art, music and physical play to nurture the growth of preschool children.

We provide a quality preschool experience for 3, 4, and 5-year old children. We are licensed and supervised by the State of Michigan, and have a state-certified staff. We offer a play-based curriculum with developmentally appropriate practices to nurture the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth of preschool children.

We believe that children develop best in a safe, respectful, relaxed environment. We foster the innate inquisitiveness and excitement for learning in preschool children by encouraging child-initiated play and discovery in a structured, teacher-planned, yet flexible curriculum. We have a bright, cheerful room with a wide variety of appropriate materials for children to explore their world and grow in creative expression. We have access to the school gym each day and have our own playground which we use daily.

We provide opportunities for children to develop characteristics to be successful in school and life: to develop competence, self-respect, self-control, cooperation and respect for others. We accomplish this by providing a variety of experiences daily in literature, art, music and physical play. We foster the social interactions of our students and give them responsibilities in the classroom to develop a sense of community.